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Artificial Life

What is Artificial Life

There are at least as many definitions as researcher in our area. From our point of view: This is only our point of view. There are others, which you can check at their own WWW pages and at the newsgroup FAQ. Here are some links.


MbitiWorld 1.0 is an Artificial Life simulation program, similar in conception to other Artificial Worlds, like the ones created by Ackley and Larry Yaeger. MbitiWorld is a world populated by several hundreds of agents. Each agent has got a neural network (with 8 neurons in the hidden layer), sensors that inform it about the square in front and effectors that allow it to move, mate and eat.

If you want to get a extended abstract of the demonstration presented in the Alife IV conference, click here . If you want to download the program, click here. MSDOS and Windows versions are included; MSDOS version is bilingual; Windoze version is only in Spanish. A technical report can be downloaded from here. At least a 386/33 MHz with coprocessor is required, and 1 Meg. free hard disk space.

A little bit of more information, in Spanish, is in the PCMania magazine Web pages, in an excellent article written by Gabriel Segarra.

Any is welcome.

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