Genetic and Annealed Master Mind

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MasterMind is a game in which a player sets a combination of colors which the opponent must find out. Mastermind is a trademark of Invicta Plastics, LTD.

Each time the oponent plays a combination, the player must tell him the number of places she has found out (by means of black/dark tokens ), and the number of colors that have been misplaced (by means of white tokens ).

In order to avoid mistakes, and to make things faster, the computer will play with itself once it is given the combination; one part of the computer will play your role issuing black and white tokens when needed. The full game will be sent back, when it has finished. No more information is available to the program than it would to a normal player; i.e., it only knows about the scores achieved by the combinations played so far.

The computer plays using Genetic Algorithms. A technical report and a paper describing the algorithm is available

You can also choose to play with Simulated Annealing, with a program written by J. L. Bernier.

The GA program has been done using GAGS library.

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