3rd. European Conference on Artificial Life


Granada, Spain, 4-6 June, 1995.

Organized by:

Universidad de Granada
Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Papers Available in the Springer Book

Opening session
P. Schuster, IMB, Jena (D), W. Fontana, U. of Wien (A).

Closing session
I. Stengers, ULB, Brussels (B); E. Minch, Stanford U., CA (USA).

Foundations and Epistemology

Origins of life and Evolution

Adaptive and Cognitive Systems

Artificial Worlds
Invited Speaker: G. Wagner, Yale U., CT (USA).

Accepted papers:

Self-inspection based Reproduction in Cellular Automata; J. Ibaniez et al.

Coevolution of machines and tapes; T. Ikegami et al.

Specialization under Social Conditions in Shared Environments; H. H. Lund, D. Parisi .

Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with Choice and Refusal of Partners: Evolutionary Results; E. Ann Stanley et al.

To Simulate or Not to Simulate: A problem of Minimising Funcional Logic Design; Gregory R. Mulhauser et al.

Abundance-Distributions in Artificial Life and Random Models: Age and Area revisited; Chris Adami et al.

Learning Subjective Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in the Presence of Undetectable Sensory and Motor Errors; A. G. Pipe et al.

A new Self-Reproducing Cellular Automaton Capable of Construction and Computation; Gianluca Tempesti et al.

Simulation of Ecological and Evolving Systems. System-Environment Correlation. Sensor-Effector Coordination. Environment Design.

Robotics and Emulation of Animal Behavior
Invited Speaker and Chair: R. Brooks, MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). C. Torras, UPC, Barcelona (E). Accepted papers:

Evaluation of Learning Performance of Situated Embodied Agents Maja Mataric.

A Useful Autonomous Vehicle with a Hierarchical Behavior Control; Luis Correia et al.

Seeing in the Dark with Artificial Bats; K. Teimoorzadeh et al.

Navigating with an Adaptive Light Compass; D. Lambrinos et al.

Classification as sensory-motor coordination: A case study on autonomous agents; Christian Scheier et al.

Essential Dynamical Structure in Learnable Autonomous Robots; Jun Tani et al.

Noise and The Reality Gap: The use of Simulation in Evolutionary Robotics; N. Jakobi et al.

Optimizing the Performance of a Robot Society in Structured Environment through Genetic Algorithms; Mika Vainio et al.

Collision Avoidance using an Egocentric Memory of Proximity; R. Zapata et al.

Learning and Adaptivity: Enhancing Reactive Behaviour Architectures in Real-World Interaction Systems; Miles Pebody et al.

High-pass filtered possitive feedback for the centralized control of cooperation; Holk Cruse et al.

Interactivist: a functional model of representation for behavior-based systems; Sunil Cherian et al.

Evolving Electronic Robot Controllers that Exploit Hardware Resources; Adrian Thompson et al.

Societies and Collective Behavior
Invited Speaker and Chair: R. May, Oxford U. (UK). J.L. Deneubourg, ULB, Brussels (B). Accepted papers:

Mimicry and Coevolution of Hedonic Agents; Paul Bourgine et al.

Evolution of Symbolic Grammar Systems; T. Hashimoto et al.

Modelling Foraging Behaviour of Ant Colonies; R. P. Fletcher et al.

Driven Cellular Automata, Adaptation and the Binding Problem; William Sulis et al.

Universal computation in an ant colony: The power of systems with many simple agents; Michael Lachmann et al.

Aggresive signalling meets adaptative receiving: further experiments in synthetic behavioural ecology; Peter de Bourcier et al.

Invited Speaker and Chair: Ch. Sander, EMBL, Heildelberg (D). A. Valencia, CNB/CSIC, Madrid (E). Accepted Papers:

Thermodynamics of RNA folding: When is an RNA molecule in equilibrium; Paul G. Higgs et al.

The functional composition of living machines as a design principle for artificial organisms; Christos Ouzounis et al.

An artificial life model for predicting the tertiary structure of unknown proteins that emulates the folding process; Raffaele Calabretta et al.

Energy cost evaluation of computing capabilities in biomolecular and artificial matter; R. Lahoz-Beltra et al.

Applications and Common Tools
Demostrations and Workshop on Adaptive Robotics
T. Smithers, UPV/EHU, San Sebastián (E).ccpsmsmt@si.ehu.es

Posters and Videos
A. Prieto, U. Granada (E). Also ordered by sessions.


Some people eating in an argentinian the day before the conference...including Henrik and Maja, and an unknown and ashamed editor of the proceedings.

During the cocktail party, celebrating that the Madrid won the league, M2C and... does anybody know the girl in the lower row? I didn't see her in the conference ;-).

Many important people chatting over coffee, including ECAL closing speaker, Eric Minch.

Elmer and Elsie saying cheese!

Very many people on the congress hall stairs. Do you see where you are?

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